Aug 3, 2020|

Over 10,000 Copies of Mo Yan’s New Book were Sold in 30 Minutes of Livestream


by Ling Cao

Mo Yan, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2012, joined JD’s livestream last Friday to discuss his new book A Late Bloomer. In only 30 minutes, over 10,000 of the books were sold. In about 10 minutes, the number of viewers surpassed 100,000. As of now, the book is ranked No.1 popular book of the week and most popular book of the past 24-hours on JD’s 1P book sales channel.

During the livestream, many audience joined activities to win prizes and left comments such as, “We are very much looking forward to Mo Yan’s new work.”

Jingze Li and Feiyu Bi, two famous writers have also joined Mo Yan for the livestream discussion. They gave advice to young audience, for instance, “The rich and vastness of life’s content is most important”; “Take the history as the present, and take the present as history, and understand the present by reviewing the past, then you will gain wisdom”; and “Become a late bloomer from tomorrow”.

Mo Yan defined a late bloomer as someone who “always seeks innovation and change, who do not want to rest on their laurels prematurely, and who wants to constantly surpass their old self.”