Jan 11, 2023|

Online Book Seller Dangdang Launches Flagship Store on JD.com


by Yuchuan Wang

Online bookstore Dangdang (dangdang.com) has launched an official flagship store on JD.com, the two parties announced on January 10. The collaboration is expected to help Dangdang gain more users, while offering both the parties’ customers diversified books at better prices.

A representative from JD Books said, “JD Books has been committed to expanding its sales scale and promoting the online book store business. The launch of Dangdang on JD will enrich our book businesses and benefit readers by building advantages in product offering and pricing.”

The partnership will also benefit Dangdang, its representative said. “Our partnership with JD Books strengthens Dangdang’s advantage in the integration of publishing resources and our capability in creating best-sellers. It further enhances our customer care ability and extend services, issue notifications, and provide full category books at competitive prices.”

Dangdang’s flagship store on JD.com will offer all categories of books available on dangdang.com, including exclusive offerings. JD and Dangdang will also cooperate in cracking down on pirated books to protect the IPRs. Inventory sharing, warehousing complementation, omni-channel fulfillment and other supply chain models will be explored to maximize operation efficiency and lower the costs.

In terms of marketing, JD Books will join hands with Dangdang to create innovative campaigns to attract readers, and will support Dangdang in operating to achieve better sales.