Jul 13, 2020|

O&O Consulting: Omnichannel Further Integrated during 618


by Yuchuan Wang

The “2020 618 Online Retail Market Research Report” published by O&O Consulting, a Beijing based firm, shows that during this year’s 618 promotion, omnichannel integration and e-commerce livestreaming provided more convenient services and more diversified choices to Chinese consumers.

COVID-19 has accelerated the progress of omnichannel integration. As a leader in the area, during this 618, JD.com has collaborated with numerous offline establishments such as department stores, supermarkets and convenience stores to offer a round-the-clock seamless shopping experience, including price and coupons synchronization between online and offline. In addition, transaction volume of JD’s omnichannel supply chain innovation project increased 30 times from June 1- 18 compared with the same period in April.

According to the report, livestreaming also plays an important role in omnichannel development. During this 618, JD launched over 300,000 livestreams to stimulate consumption, benefitting both consumers and brands.

JD Live invited more than 100 civil servants, such as mayors and county heads as livestreaming anchors to promote local agricultural products, attracting more than 120 million visitors. JD also invited top executives from brands. The livestreaming with Unilever executives led the brand’s transaction volume to increase over 60% year-on-year during 618.