Jul 13, 2020|

JD Health Will Host the Nationwide Inaugural “JD-PharmExpo”


by Vivian Yang

JD Health will host the inaugural online “JD-PharmExpo” from August 3rd to 5th, under the theme of “Open, Shared and Accessible”. The expo aims to accelerate the integration of the pharmaceutical industry, and so far has received enthusiastic responses and support from the industry.

The event will be organized through a matrix of platforms including an app, mini-apps, and a website to create an online exhibition center for participants to interact through livestreaming, AR/VR exhibition rooms, and online conference rooms. Other interactive formats, such as online new product release conferences and product ordering conferences will also be available to facilitate communications between exhibitors and buyers.

JD Health’s B2B platform known as JD Medicine Procurement(药京采) has grown into a comprehensive online pharmaceuticals trading platform that covers the nationwide pharmaceutical industry with over 170,000 pharmaceutical retailers, demonstrating JD Health’s distribution channel and supply chain strength.

The online expo is expected to receive over 5 million visits. Over 500 enterprises will participate as exhibitors, over 200,000 professional visiting members will register, and over 200 livestreaming sessions will be held. JD Pharmaceutical Procurement will provide branding, supply chain, business scenarios and data services to all the users on its platform.

During the expo, JD Health will invite senior experts from the WHO and the State Council’s medical reform group, as well as professionals from top global pharmaceutical enterprises to contribute to topics concerning the development of China’s pharmaceutical industry, digital transformation, and industrial innovation, among others.

Partners through the pharmaceutical industry, including international pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical distributors, and insurance companies, will also carry out a number of contract-signing activities. With the collective effort of all partners, the online fair will be truly representative of the “Internet+Health” ecosystem.

Zhou Xinyuan, head of JD Pharmaceutical Procurement and general manager of Channel Innovation of JD Health noted that “the inaugural ‘JD-PharmExpo’ is committed to effectively integrating the pharmaceutical industry, helping it become more professional, digitalized and intelligent, and creating a more convenient, efficient and smart industrial chain. We hope the event will become a strong driving force for the circulation reform of the pharmaceutical industry.”