Nov 3, 2020|

Imported Product Sales Spike on JD during Singles Day Grand Promotion


by Kelly Dawson


Thanks to JD Worldwide,’s platform for imported products, global borders are no barrier for Chinese consumers who want to purchase milk powder from New Zealand, watches from Switzerland, pet food from England and more.

Consumer demand for imported products have skyrocketed, with sales on JD Worldwide during the first 40 minutes of this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion (November 1st to 11th ) surpassing that of the entire first day of last year’s promotion. On a Super Brand Day several days earlier on October 28th, sales also spiked by an increase of two times for imported beauty and personal care products, food, 3C and other categories.

Thanks to JD Worldwide,’s platform for imported products, global borders are no barrier for Chinese consumers

Makeup, Pet Food & More

During this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion period, JD Worldwide is launching more than 500,000 items of imported products from more than 100 countries and regions for consumers.

On the first day of the promotion, November 1st, transaction volume spiked for a range of imported product categories including beauty products, pet food, digital products and more—all of which saw sales jump by more than ten times compared with the same period last year. Sales of imported toys increased by 45 times in the first hour of the day.

Additionally, sales for personal care and makeup products in the first ten minutes of the promotion exceeded the sales volume of the entire first day of last year’s promotion.

As Chinese consumers increasingly devote attention and care to their pets, pet food has gained in popularity. In the first 30 minutes of the promotion, the transaction volume of imported pet food increased by 22 times compared with the previous year.

Sales of imported health products increased by more than five times, a trend that aligns with increased health-consciousness among Chinese consumers following the pandemic.

Sales volume for home furnishings also increased by more than six times YoY, and imported automobile products saw sales increase by nearly five times.

Biscuits, 3C & More

On October 28th, JD Worldwide held a Super Brand Day to highlight exciting deals for a wide range of imported products.

Imported makeup products have always been popular on JD Worldwide, and yet the category was still able to achieve a growth of 126% during the Super Brand Day, when compared to last year. The top three brands in this category were Shiseido, Sulwhasoo and Dr. Jart.

In the imported 3C digital devices category, growth was seen across several areas. Sales for hair curling and straightening devices jumped by nearly 1.7 times compared with the previous year; and hair dryer sales increased by 161%.

Imported milk powder for infants remained popular, with an unexpected spike in milk powder for adults that saw a sales increase of eight times compared to the previous year. Maxigenes milk powder from Australia soared to become the top brand in this category.

The top three pet food products were: Nutro Whole Essentials for Kittens in chicken flavor; Instinct Original grain-free chicken flavor cat food; and Acana Wild Prairie cat food.

Finally, big-name brands like Walmart, Lotte Overseas and Sam’s Club became the top three stores, demonstrating that Chinese consumers continue to be drawn to internationally reputable brands.

JD Worldwide’s expansion

The sales increases demonstrate the strength of JD Worldwide’s home market for imported goods, as the platform continues its expansion plans announced earlier this year.

The platform has already successfully introduced thousands of international brands including Abbott, Mead Johnson, Nestle, DHC and more.

“JD Worldwide is committed to integrating JD’s rich resources and abilities to build a sustainable seller ecosystem,” said Simon Han, vice president of , earlier this year. “As the fulcrum of the ecosystem, JD Worldwide Alliance will lead its business and the overall China cross-border e-commerce industry into new territories.”