Feb 18, 2020|

Timeline: JD’s Fight Against the Coronavirus



Late December

  • Realizing the impact of the epidemic early on, JD provided 70,000 masks to protect its employees based in Wuhan.

Jan 21

  • JD officially launched its special “epidemic campaign” to fight the coronavirus.
  • JD Logistics received an urgent request from medical manufacturer, Yichang, in Hubei province, for oseltamivir phosphate, a prescription drug used to prevent and treat influenza, began to allocate resources meet the request. JD Logistics also furthered its protective measures for frontline employees.

Jan 22

  • JD announced that it would ensure enough supply of protection equipment such as masks and will not raise prices. JD also worked together with key brands to accelerate production of these items. From January 19-22, JD supplied over 126 million masks, 310,000 bottles of disinfectants and 1 million bottles of liquid soap to customers.
  • JD Logistics began prioritize delivery for designated orders by medical institutions.

Jan 24

  • JD announced to donate 100 million masks and 60,000 other items, including medicine and medical supplies, to Hubei Charity Federation. JD also confirmed to donate 80,000 masks to hospitals in Wuhan.

Jan 25

  • JD Logistics opened a special channel for relief materials across the country to assist Wuhan.

Jan 26

  • JD Foundation became the first Internet partner of China Charity Federation and co-initiated two donation campaigns for supporting coronavirus aid targeting Wuhan communities.
  • JD cooperated with over 2,000 respiratory physicians and infectious disease specialists to offer free online consultation and hotline service for people who need psychological support.

Jan 28

  • All of the donations from JD, including 100 million masks, and 60,000 other items, including medicine and medical supplies donated to Hubei Charity Federation and 80,000 masks donated to hospitals in Wuhan arrived in Hubei.

Jan 29

  • JD Cloud & AI launched a number of free products and services including an emergency resources information platform, a smart epidemic assistant, a cloud video conference service, and online classroom services, to support access to information and education during the coronavirus period.

Jan 30

  • JD Digits provided free “COVID-19” insurance for medical staff and JD’s couriers on the frontlines and their families. The insurance will provide RMB 300,000 per person and a maximum of RMB 1 million for per family whose member(s) dies or is completely disabled as a result of the coronavirus. At present, 105,000 eligible people have received the insurance.
  • JD Logistics transported a large amount of building materials to Huoshenshan Hospital.

Jan 31

  • JD Cloud & AI Launched remote family doctor and remote work services.

Feb 1

  • Since February 1, in order to help prevent and control the epidemic, JD Digits helped build the “Epidemic Population Analysis System” based on its intelligent city operation system.  The system uses big data and artificial intelligence to judge the divisions of high-risk groups for infection.
  • JD Digits also launched several intelligent epidemic prevention products for communities such as a calling robot, an epidemic inquiry robot and a questionnaire-mini program.

Feb 2

  • JD.com announced 11 subsidy support measures for the 250,000 merchants on its platform, especially those from Hubei.
  • Sparing no efforts to ensure supply of Chinese consumers’ daily necessities, from January 24th to February 2nd, JD.com sold 18,900 tons of rice, flour & grain; 5.9 million liters of cooking oil; 1.8 million bottles of disinfectant solution; and 3 million bottles of liquid soap.
  • JD Logistics successfully helped transport 100 Oxygen machines donated by Dr. Nanshan Zhong, who is known as a hero of the 2003 fight against SARS, and his foundation, to Wuhan Hankou Hospital.

Feb 3

  • AllianzJD helped upgrade coronavirus-related insurance for all JD couriers, with a total amount guaranteed of over RMB 46 billion.
  • JD.com, together with over 250,000 merchants vow to continuously control product prices, guarantee orders on the platform and remove merchants to raise intentionally raise prices (and never work with them again).

Feb 5

  • JD Cloud & AI launched products including an AI public service platform, an epidemic information platform and a citizen epidemic reporting system.
  • JD’s 7FRESH launched a talent sharing plan. Under the plan, 7FRESH will hire short-term staff from restaurants, hotels, cinemas and other retail establishments that are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. 7FRESH received demands from more than 10 different enterprises on the day of the launch.

Feb 6

  • JD Fresh launched a catering industry alliance to encourage production of ready-to-cook fast food and omnichannel sales. More than 100 catering enterprises have joined the alliance.
  • JD Health started providing free online consultation covering all of its categories.
  • JD completed its first smart delivery by robot in Wuhan. The robot traveled from JD’s delivery station to Wuhan No.9 People’s Hospital to make the delivery.

Feb 7

  • JD Digits launched a smart information platform for virus inspection and assistance request for residential communities.
  • JD Health launched a one-stop online service for further consultation, prescription renewal, medicine purchase and delivery.
  • JD started drone delivery in Baiyangdian, Hebei Province.

Feb 8

  • JD.com, along with JD-backed Dada Group jointly announced to recruit more than 35,000 jobs to minimize the impact of the epidemic on employment in the short term.
  • JD.com announced committing an extra 100 million yuan to subsidize merchants which use the company’s warehousing and delivery service.

Feb 10

  • JD Health launched a new platform to help patients with chronic diseases maintain their drug supply during the coronavirus. In the first 24 hours, the platform received nearly 5,000 requests and the number keeps rising.
  • JD Fresh announced the launch of the “National Fresh Produce Green Channel” to help farmers who are seeking a sales channel for their products due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • JD Logistics launched ten more contactless methods to facilitate customers sending and receiving packages.

Feb 11

  • JD.com announced a plan to hire thousands of part-time customer service representatives during the month of February.
  • JD launches initiative for enterprises “returning to work”. The initiative will help enterprises in production materials supply and digital solutions (including remote working solutions), and also provide special support for small to medium- sized enterprises. The platform is now open to enterprises free of charge and links them to over 30,000 JD partners.
  • JD International announced to support cross border merchants in operations and logistics.

Feb 12

  • JD.com announced that it is building a supply chain management platform for the Hubei provincial government
  • JD.com announced special support for merchants, KoLs and multi-channel networks (MCNs, KoL agencies) doing live streaming e-commerce to better support the rising demand for online shopping. JD Live also upgraded its “Online Product Launch Conference,” enabling merchants to gain access to JD’s massive marketing resources and tools.

Feb 13

  • JD.com allocates nearly RMB 1 billion in fighting against COVID-19.
  • JD has supplied a total of 1.2 million daily necessities, including rice, flour, cooking oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and milk, weighing a total of over 160,000 tons. 30 million medical emergency items, weighing nearly 10,000 tons have been transported.
  • JD launches “Mobile Fresh Basket” program to deliver fresh produce directly from markets to residential compounds, and it can cover more than 100,000 families in Hubei province in one week.
  • From January 20 to February 13, JD supplied 71,500 tons of rice, flour and grain, 27.25 million liters of cooking oil, 40 million bags of instant noodles, over 50,000 tons of fresh produce, 3 million cans of baby formula, 400 million pieces of diapers, 5.88 million bottles of liquid soap, 3.61 million bottles of disinfectant and 1.59 million packs of wet wipes. Since launching its free online medical consultation service, JD Health has served more than 2 million users.