Jan 4, 2022|

US Liquor Brand Brown–Forman Joins JD.com’s Chinese New Year Grand Promotion


by Mengyang He

Catering to the upcoming Chinese New Year Grand Promotion, JD.com and Brown–Forman Corporation, a well-known liquor and wine company from the US, co-announced the launch of a Jack Daniel’s Gold No. 27 Tennessee Whiskey new year gift box, followed by Woodford Reserve’s newly released product, Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey Oak Cognac Double Barreled Special Edition.

Jack Daniel’s Gold No. 27 Tennessee Whiskey new year gift box

The launch came after JD had named whiskey products the “flagship” category on JD.com, which will receive favorable treatment on JD’s sales channel.

Founded in 1870, Brown–Forman Corporation owns over 30 well-known brands including Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, Glendronach, Benriach, and more, which are being sold in over 170 countries and regions worldwide.

The transaction volume of Jack Daniel’s on JD.com, for example, accounts for 40% of its market share in China. According to JD’s data, international spirits and liquor brands have become more innovative and diversified in luring Chinese consumers, especially Gen-Z.

Jack Daniel’s already launched a customized gift box targeting the Chinese market in 2020, and it has been well received and maintained a spot in the top 2 among all items in Jack Daniel’s JD flagship store. In addition, Jack Daniel’s ended with a nine-fold increase in transaction volume during JD’s annual spirits & liquor shopping festival.

The robust performance of Jack Daniel’s is due to JD’s favorable treatment for whiskey products and the similar customer groups shared by JD and Brown–Forman, which has laid a great foundation for cooperation.

“The growth of Jack Daniel’s stems from JD’s support in various fields, such as marketing, co-branding, user operations, supply chain, omni-channel, and more,” noted Stephen Zhang, Greater China EC Manager from Brown-Forman.

“During the 2021 Singles Day Grand Promotion, Jack Daniel’s ranked among the top 3 imported spirit brands and was the No. 1 whiskey brand,” Da Lu, general manager of liquor and alcoholic beverage of JD FMCG omni-channel added.