Dec 4, 2020|

JDD Rolls Out Digital Solutions at Beijing Court


by Martin Li

JD Digits (JDD) has cooperated with Beijing No.3 Intermediate People’s Court to put in place digital court solutions to increase efficiency and facilitate visitors.

The solutions include a virtual demonstration of the court’s appeal service center, which covers an area of 1,400 square meters. Visitors can tour the center to get themselves familiar with different service counters via the court’s website and app.

The virtual center will enable visitors to go through online services in the near future.

JDD also deployed robots to transport legal files among different departments in the court.

The robots can automatically avoid people and obstacles on the way.

The cooperation between JDD and the court is expected to go further with the use of the company’s recognition technologies in voice, semantics, pictures and real objects.

The two parties will also develop a system integrating the court’s hearing, execution, human resource and judicial management systems to provide a non-stop service for visitors.