Jan 15, 2024|

Celebrating the Heartwarming Bond Between Humans and Pets: JD Pet’s Inaugural Ceremony


by Vivian Yang

On January 10th, JD Super, the supermarket division of JD.com, hosted the inaugural “Pet Companionship: China’s First Pet Ceremony” in Beijing. The ceremony, co-organized with the It Foundation, highlighted the importance of pet welfare and celebrated the deep connections between humans and their furry friends.

The event spotlighted extraordinary individuals and animals, whose stories of love, dedication, and compassion stood out among numerous submissions from pet owners and industry professionals. These inspiring narratives, spanning nearly five years, led the ceremony’s organizing committee to the selection of eight remarkable individuals as China’s Annual Pet People and three pets as Chinese Pets of the Year.

Chen Yunlian and her base for stray animals 

Among the honored pet advocates were Chen Yunlian, who adopted over 5,000 stray animals; Zhou Hewei, the founder of a “Cat Village” caring for nearly 300 cats; Jiang Xingmei, who spent over a million yuan treating stray cats over 15 years; and Zhang Zheng, a veterinarian who has treated more than 50,000 cats and dogs. The lineup also included pet photographer Zhang Tianhang, compassionate stray animal adopters Ha Jirong and Jiang Xingmei, as well as  Qiao Shijun, JD Pet’s category manager who was a driving force behind the introduction of a 15-day unconditional return service for pet food. Through their actions and spirit of compassion, these individuals have become the inaugural Annual Pet People.

The “Cat Village” in Hebei province

The event also honored three inspiring animals: Barton, a three-legged police dog; Shaguo, a guide dog working alongside a blind doctor; and “Big Wolf,” a therapy dog aiding in the rehabilitation of autistic children. Their stories are a testament to the profound impact pets can have on human lives.

The guide dog “Shaguo” and its parent Zhang Ran

“The gathering is more than a ceremony; it is a call to action, uniting various sectors in the pursuit of better lives for pets. Moving forward, JD Pet plans to deepen its philanthropic efforts and work towards ensuring that every pet receives the care they need,” said the head of JD Pet, JD Super’s pet business, at the ceremony.

Since its inception in 2010, JD Pet has been at the forefront of pet welfare, launching multiple initiatives that provide essential care to pets. In June 2021, JD Pet joined JD Foundation and JD Finance to introduce the “Shopping Order Charity Initiative,” enabling consumers to contribute food to stray animals with every purchase made via the JD App. To date, this initiative has engaged over 6.81 million participants in supporting animal welfare.

Qiao Shijun (right), category manager of JD Pet

JD Pet is constantly exploring new ways to make pet care easier and more accessible for owners. Our initiatives, like the unconditional return service for pet food and the Ingredient Transparency project, are designed to provide pet owners with a better pet-raising experience, alleviate economic burdens, and reflect JD Pet’s commitment to pet health and responsibility.