Sep 5, 2020|

CIFTIS_2: JD Brings in its Latest Developed Industrial Robot


by Yuchuan Wang is exhibiting a series of in-house researched logistics robots and achievements in smart supply chain at the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), demonstrating its world leading logistics innovation and applications.

In order to bring the best logistics service and experience to consumers in China, JD Logistics has been making great efforts for over a decade.

“Taurus AMR (autonomous mobile robot) is the latest industrial robot we’ve developed in-house at JD Logistics – using laser-based natural navigation. As a chassis robot, it can carry a variety of modules on top of it to meet the needs of different production scenarios,” said Enqiang Cui, a representative from the Open Platform for Digital Supply Chain at JD Logistics.

"Taurus AMR (autonomous mobile robot) is the latest industrial robot we’ve developed in-house at JD Logistics

Taurus AMR (Photo by Yuchuan Wang)

Other robots on display include indoor delivery robots, inspection robots, AGVs (automated ground vehicles) and more.

By connecting to JD’s cloud service for elevators, the indoor delivery robot can take an elevator and deliver parcels to end consumers. Based on SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technology, the inspection robot adopts binocular stereo vision algorithm which allows it to automatically patrol and finish designated tasks.

The “Dilang” (Ground Wolf) AGV is used for picking goods. It enables pickers to stay on the working platform and wait for the AGVs to come to them. With this system, pickers can pick about 250 orders per hour each, which is three times the efficiency of a traditional picking approach where the warehouse worker would have to walk to the shelf, get the goods themselves and then go back to the packing area.

JD’s logistics AGVs

JD’s logistics AGVs (Photo by Yuchuan Wang)

“I’m a loyal JD customer. I didn’t know it is robots in JD’s warehouse dealing with my orders so that I can receive them so quickly. I think JD has demonstrated China’s most advanced logistics technology to the world,” said Mr. Li, a visitor from Shanxi province to Beijing who was touring the CIFTIS.

As a leading supply chain-based technology and service provider, technology innovation has always been crucial to JD’s corporate development. The company’s exploration in logistics automation and robotics technology is benefiting over a billion consumers and making same-day delivery as the standard and common practices. By opening up its technology and services to industrial partners, JD hopes to improve the industry efficiency and accelerate the transformation of the industrial supply chain.