Sep 5, 2020|

CIFTIS_3: JD Business Showcases Smart Procurement Solution for Enterprises


by Rachel Liu

September 5th is the second day of the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) at China National Convention Center, Beijing. This year, the theme of the event is “Global Services, Shared Prosperity”. Ximei Wang, an operations manager of JD Business,’s enterprise procurement business, has been busy receiving visitors at the exhibition area who are interested in applying JD’s smart procurement solution in their companies. “Many visitors told me that they think our smart procurement solution is a great match with their own business,” said Wang.

This year, JD Business has three main products on show at the CIFTIS: JD Procurement Cloud, Smart Procurement Management Platform and AI Procurement Brain. COVID-19 has caused many challenges to supply chain as many companies faced transportation challenges and a shortage of funds, stopping them from resuming operations Supply chain digitalization can not only improve the information processing ability of companies, but also make the supply chain more transparent and traceable, which will improve the efficiency of operations. The products showcased by JD Business are the latest achievements by the company to help enterprises with digital supply chain transformation.

Xun Jian, general manager of procurement solutions at JD Business said: “As new infrastructure has become a key driver for China’s economic growth, the industry is looking for better supply chain services. We only brought part of JD Business’s solution for smart procurement to CIFTIS 2020. In the future, we hope to join hands with more partners and clients to provide more valuable services for enterprises, and hopefully contribute to China’s supply chain upgrade.”

JD Procurement Cloud

JD Procurement Cloud can help enterprises build a one-stop procurement digital solution that integrates demand management, bidding, supplier management, implementation and finance settlement. Supplier management is usually the most complicated business, and JD Procurement Cloud can grade the suppliers and provide different management strategies. JD’s massive supplier resources can provide a supplement to the existing supplier pool of enterprises. JD’s experience in supplier management and e-commerce operation is especially helpful in managing non-standardized and long-tail products.

The Smart Procurement Management Platform provides technical support for the commodity and operations management of enterprises and builds a seamless platform with both internal and external data through integrating the company’s finance, logistics, supply chain and services. The model that JD Business built at CIFTIS shows how the Smart Procurement Management Platform can be applied to a steel factory. The platform can provide a one-stop smart procurement solution for the factory throughout all the key production processes.

Model of Smart Procurement Management Platform Applied to Steel Factory

Model of Smart Procurement Management Platform Applied to Steel Factory

The AI Procurement Brain provides intelligent decision making services for enterprises. It can collection and analyze the data of the enterprise and deduce the procurement demand precisely, helping the company make the most optimal decision. For example, for product selection, AI Procurement Brain can provide suggestions based on a series of factors, including which industry the enterprise is in, location, employee preferences and usage scenarios. For price selection, it can review the pricing of products from different channels, and provide an alert when the price is too high.