May 19, 2021|

Hefei Welcomes JD’s Second E-Space Store


by Rachel Liu

JD’s second E-Space store soft opens on May 19 in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui province. The store will be officially open on June 18th, the peak day of JD’s 618 Grand Promotion.

Like the 50,000 square-meter JD E-Space store in Chongqing, the  store in Hefei also provides customers with immersive shopping experiences in multiple product categories, including home appliances, electronics, digital products, beauty, health and fitness, daily necessities and more. The 40,000 square-meter store welcomes over 500 brands, and over 200,000 SKUs are available for sale in store. To allow customers to enjoy state-of-the-art products and technologies, the store set up 11 “experience areas” including camera and photography, mobile gaming, computer gaming, beauty, sleeping, cooking and kitchenware, health-related products, outdoor sports, bakery, wine tasting and more. The extensive experience areas mean that E-Space can become part of the fabric of consumers’ everyday lives, serving as a “fourth place” for friends of all ages looking to gather together.

JD 5Star, the home appliance chain store brand that JD fully acquired in 2020, will be responsible for the operations of the store, combining JD’s supply chain advantages with 5Star’s experience in offline store operations.

“The first JD E-Space store in Chongqing was a great success. We saw strong sales performance in the store in the past year, and the store also became a destination for local customers to experience new products and have fun,” said Yiqing Pan, president of JD 5Star: “This give us great confidence in opening the Hefei store and more stores to come. We hope that the new JD E-Space will bring high-quality service and omni-channel shopping experience to local customers.”

In the Hefei JD E-Space store, the prices of products are synced in real time with prices on, ensuring customers always get the most favorable price for any product QR codes available next to all of the products in the store, which enables easy ordering without the hassle of having to take purchases home. The store is equipped with an adjacent warehouse, however, making it possible to take items home rather than having to wait for delivery, if desired.

Another highlight of the store is the services it provides. For example, for customers looking to engage in home decor, the Hefei JD E-Space store can provide space design, delivery and installment services for home appliances. In the future, Hefei residents can have their consumer electronics repaired at the store, no matter where the product was purchased.