Jun 11, 2020|

JD and Dell Continue Deepening Strategic Cooperation


by Martin Li

On June 8th, the sales volume of Dell computers on JD.com increased by 180%, compared with the same period of last year. The robust growth in the sales of Dell computers on JD.com during the ongoing 618 Grand Promotion reflects a deepened strategic cooperation between the two companies.

June 8th was the Dell Brand Day during the 6.18 shopping festival.

The number of Dell computers sold on JD jumped by 280% on the day. Dell led in sales of the laptop and light laptop categories on JD.

JD.com and Dell started cooperation in 2008. The cooperation covers exclusive selling, consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) product development and marketing.

C2M is part of JD’s strategy to keep the customer at the center of the retail process. It enables JD to provide consumers with products before they know they need them, based upon both robust big data research and a solid understanding of customer needs.

Through C2M, JD is to provide new value to brands who seek to more precisely meet consumer needs.

JD has been authorized to be exclusive online platform for many Dell computer models. During this year’s 618 campaign, Dell’s key gaming laptop series G5 joins the exclusive lineup, and is expected to become a bestseller. In addition, Dell’s light laptops XP3 7390 and Inspiron 5000 are also on the exclusive list.

The two companies are looking to deepen cooperation in high-end products. Based on JD’s big data, Dell has rolled out Inspiron 7000 computer to meet specific customer demands.

“Dell has always attached great importance to cooperation with JD.com. In the future, we will continue deepening longer-term strategic cooperation with JD.com. We also look forward to a record and ‘win-win’ result during this year’s 618 Grand Promotion,” said Wang Lijun, senior vice-president of Dell and general manager of consumer and small business for Dell China.

In marketing cooperating, JD and Dell have worked together to promote products via livestreaming and celebrity cooperation.

Dell’s flagship store on JD has more than ten million followers thanks to cooperation in marketing.

“As a leading PC brand, Dell is an important partner of JD. JD has been helping drive its online business via C2M model,” said Du Feng, head of PC business at JD.