Feb 10, 2020|

JD’s Cloud and AI Help Fight Coronavirus


by Yuchuan Wang and Ella Kidron

On February 4, JD’s smart epidemic assistant was integrated into the Wuhan Mayor’s Office WeChat account. Through the function, citizens can get coronavirus related information and services immediately, with high accuracy. On the day of the launch, there were over 250,000 visits to the function’s page.

The smart epidemic assistant is based on JD Cloud & AI’s universal smart conversation platform. The platform consists of AI capabilities including semantic understanding, syntax analysis and more, enabling the accurate understanding of user’s intentions through question prediction, intent recognition, classification and identification, similarity matching and other methods. Equipped with the latest information about epidemic information, the assistant is able to reply to user’s queries in real-time.

Currently it provides functions including epidemic self-screening, medical guidance, fever clinic inquiry, and a way to inquire if a user’s particular flight or train had a coronavirus patient on it. Queries cover everything from what to do if you are experiencing certain symptoms, to how to properly wear and dispose of face masks to prevent the spread of virus. Particularly complex queries that cannot be answered by the smart epidemic assistant are automatically transferred to customer service personnel.

epidemic self-screening, medical guidance, fever clinic inquiry epidemic self-screening, medical guidance, fever clinic inquiry app interface

In addition to Wuhan, the smart assistant service has also been launched in Beijing, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Sichuan and other provinces, serving dozens of industries, and more than 100 clients. It has already dealt with hundreds of thousands of inquiries. In Sichuan Province, JD is collaborating with West China University Second Hospital on a triage chatbot helping with the first round of patient triage and information collection. In Xinyu City in Jiangxi Province, JD launched a pilot program to use AI calls to help efficiently check residents’ health condition and remind them of epidemic-related information, greatly improving efficiency and avoiding the risk of disease transmission.

JD Cloud & AI also launched the “Emergency Resources Information Platform” which provides municipal and medical institutions access to 3,000 online quality suppliers and national emergency logistics services. As of February 4th, the platform had successfully performed 162 matches of epidemic prevention supplies with municipal and medical institutions in need. This includes but is not limited to the sourcing of more than 19 million masks, 19,000 pairs of protective googles, 12,290 bottles of liquid disinfectant, 1,000 tons of disinfectant powder, 8,991 body temperature monitors, 1,100 infrared thermometers, 64,970 sets of protective clothing and 152,600 pairs of protective gloves.

JD has been using its advanced ability in cloud and AI technology to make a significant impact across a wide range of areas during these trying times in China. Its cloud video conferencing service is now available for free for enterprises and individuals. JD also provides free online classroom service to students and teachers in Hubei Province, with Wuhan as its capital, who are unable to go to school due to the epidemic.


(yuchuan.wang@jd.com; ella@jd.com)