Feb 12, 2020|

JD.com and Dada Group to hire 35,000 full-and-part-time employees


By Ling Cao and Tracy Yang


JD.com and JD-backed Dada Group plan to jointly offer 35,000 jobs during the epidemic period. The move aims to minimize the impact of the epidemic on employment in the short term, and to help tide small and medium enterprises over during the period, and overall support stable employment, while seeking to minimize the overall impact of the virus on employment and people’s livelihoods at large.

JD Logistics, a business group under JD.com, will offer over 20,000 frontline positions, such as warehouse workers, pickers, couriers, and drivers. JD Logistics has already hired 700 employees from more than 10 companies that partner with JD in various capacities.

Dada Group will offer 15,000 positions. Dada Now, a local on-demand delivery platform under Dada Group is working with human resources organizations and restaurants to recruit 10,000 couriers in over 2,400 cities and counties in China. JD Daojia, a local on-demand retail platform, under Dada Group, will assist its retail partners in recruiting over 5,000 positions, such as pickers and packers, in more than 30 cities to meet the demand resulting from increasing online orders. JD Daojia has already helped partners including Yonghui Supermarket, Better Life, Huaguan, ALDI and Lotus by hiring their employees.

JD’s 7FRESH has launched a talent sharing plan. Under the plan, 7FRESH will hire short-term staff from restaurants, hotels, cinemas and other retail establishments that are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus for job positions including shop clerk, packaging, delivery and more. 7FRESH has already hired nearly 20 employees from more than 10 different enterprises, such as Ocean Family, In Flower House and Xiaohe Restaurant and Bar.

Chunhua Cao, Head of Human Resources at 7FRESH, said:“7FRESH is operating every day to ensure customers can get enough fresh food. It is JD’s responsibility to work with partners and help them and their employees get through this special time.”

Employees who are hired during the special time will undergo an onboarding process, and be provided with necessary protective supplies such as masks. They will also be given regular temperature checks and disinfections to ensure the overall safety of the work environment, and will receive coronavirus-related insurance.

To help people who can’t go to their workplaces during this time but need to take care of their families, JD provides them with customer service positions. JD plans to hire thousands of part-time customer representatives on top of the hundreds it has already hired.


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