Apr 23, 2019|

JD.com Delivers New Zealand’s First Kiwifruit and Apple Harvests of the Year

JD.com, China’s largest retailer, is bringing this year’s first kiwifruit and apple harvests from New Zealand to Chinese consumers, further strengthening its partnerships with market leaders Zespri and Rockit Global Limited.

The horticultural companies’ high-quality kiwifruit and snack-sized apples have already proven enormously popular among JD’s more than 300 million customers, who are increasingly buying imported produce. JD data shows that overseas fruits accounted for the majority of all fruit sales on JD’s platforms in 2018, up from just 20% two years earlier. Those who favor buying imported fruits are usually younger, middle-class consumers with a strong focus on their personal health and nutrition.

In recent years, New Zealand’s fruit exports to China have soared to reach NZ$606 million. On JD, sales of New Zealand-produced fresh food grew by over 80% in 2018.

A JD courier delivered an order of premium kiwifruit to a lucky customer, accompanied by a Zespri representative

A JD courier delivered an order of premium kiwifruit to a lucky customer, accompanied by a Zespri representative

Kiwifruit are the country’s single biggest fruit export worldwide, with China ranked as the top market. The local industry currently supports about 18,000 jobs across New Zealand, including 2,600 kiwifruit growers.

Zespri first set up a flagship store on JD.com in 2017. By expanding its cooperation with JD including selling through 7FRESH, JD’s offline grocery store, the global kiwifruit exporter is able to further leverage the world-class capabilities offered by China’s biggest and most advanced e-commerce cold-chain logistics network.

“JD.com is the ideal partner for Zespri to continue growing our distribution footprint in the country,” said Ivan Kinsella, Head of China Corporate Affairs at Zespri. “Their unparalleled logistics network will ensure that our high-quality kiwifruit always arrive to our Chinese customers in the best condition, giving them a fantastic eating experience.” 

In addition, Rockit Global Limited has just launched an exclusive flagship store for Rockit apples on JD.com. At the beginning of New Zealand’s apple production season, these nutritious fruits have also been introduced to both JD’s online and offline customers.

China is the most important market for Rockit Global Limited. Chinese consumers’ demand for top-quality produce overall continues to rise quickly. According to JD data, college educated millennials account for more than 40% of Rockit apple’s customers in China, with most hailing from Beijing, Guangdong, and Shanghai.

“Rockit Global Limited is thrilled to have joined forces with JD.com,” said Austin Mortimer, CEO of Rockit Global Limited. “With over 300 million customers and same- and next-day delivery ability, JD is undoubtedly the best partner for us bring our premium quality, New Zealand-grown apples to Chinese dining tables.”

As Chinese consumers’ appetites for fresh food grows, JD has leveraged its global reach and outstanding cold-chain logistics expertise to make sure that they can easily buy the highest quality fresh products. The e-commerce giant currently sources items from over 50 countries and regions, offering more than 110,000 imported fresh products to customers. Its nationwide cold chain logistics network covers 300 cities across China.

“We’re very pleased to further our partnerships with Zespri and Rockit Global Limited,” said Xiaozhou Zhou, leader of the fresh fruit team at 7FRESH, JD.com’s fresh food division. “Chinese consumers overwhelmingly favor JD.com as the best place to buy fresh products imported from abroad. We can’t wait to bring more of these healthy and naturally delicious New Zealand fruits to them.”

“We look forward to seeing even more wonderful fresh products from New Zealand find their way onto JD’s platform so that they can easily reach families across China,” said Andrew White, Trade Commissioner from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. “These fresh brands will complement the wide range of New Zealand products that are already developing a strong following through JD, such as infant formula, honey, health products and even cosmetics.”