Sep 4, 2020|

JD Health Tackles Psychological Problems of COVID-19 Patients in Hubei Province


by Vivian Yang

To cope with the psychological problems caused by the coronavirus on ordinary citizens and medical staff in Hubei province, JD Health announced to establish a public welfare platform for psychological counseling in Hubei, as part of its new cooperation agreement with the local government, signed on September 3rd in Wuhan, the capital of the province.

With the support of the Health Commission of the Hubei government, JD Health will work with community doctors to sign dedicated service contracts with each patient recovering from the coronavirus, and offer them personalized psychological counseling support.

Under the cooperation agreement, JD Health will also build a national internet-based psychiatric hospital and gather high quality psychiatric treatment resources across the country on its platform to support the recovery and health management of these patients.

Zhang Aijun, director of a community health center in Wuhan pointed out that during the patients contracting process, they found that many recovered patients are still living alone in fear of possibly infecting their family members and other people around them. They are suffering from different degrees of psychological disorder.

Through the community doctor’s frequent home visits and medical expert’s online support, their problems can be intervened with in a timely manner, minimizing negative impacts on their life in the future.

“Although the pandemic’s impact on people’s physical health has been regressing in China, we can only say that we made a clean sweep in the arduous fight against the virus when we can help those recovered patients sweep away their psychological obstacles,” said Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health.

In addition, during the cooperation signing ceremony, JD Health set up a fund of RMB 30 million yuan for the promotion of the abovementioned efforts in Hubei, and will support the province to further develop its healthcare system in the areas of talent cultivation, grassroots health services development and disease control and prevention improvement.

For local residents, the “family doctor” services offered by JD Health will provide a series of healthcare services such as online medical and health consultation, medicine delivery, health management for chronic diseases and more.

During the virus outbreak starting from January, JD Health was active in donating medical supplies to Hubei. It also provided free online medical consultations and free hotlines for psychological support for local people and frontline medical staff, and created an online platform to help patients with chronic diseases maintain their drug supply.