Jun 11, 2020|

JD Health to Establish Intelligent ENT Services Center


by Tracy Yang

On June 10th, JD Health announced the establishment of an Intelligent Otorhinolaryngology Services Center. The center will expand the application scenarios of medical artificial intelligence, connect with offline medical institutions, and provide new integrated online and offline closed-loop services for the general public.

JD Health also announced a strategic cooperation with China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care (CPAM) at a press conference witnessed by four Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering. They are Demin Han, President of CPAM; Jing Cheng, Director of Biochip Beijing National Engineering Research Center; Jiahong Dong, President of Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital affiliated to Tsinghua University; Wei Tian, President of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital. Demin Han was appointed as Chief Advisor to JD Health.

The partnership between JD Health and CPAM will focus on the needs of patients, promote the integrated development of rehabilitation and prevention in otorhinolaryngology (known more colloquially as ENT – ear, nose and throat), explore online and offline integrated models for rehabilitation, and chronic disease prevention and control of specialized diseases, so as to improve medical diagnosis and treatment.

China is experiencing an aging population, industrialization and urbanization, as well as facing challenges in terms of multiple disease threats, a variety of health factors, the unbalanced development of public health industry and the urgent need for transformation and upgrading of healthcare system. Demin Han believes that the future medical and health service model will shift from treatment-centered to prevention-centered, with the Internet, big data and medical artificial intelligence as the main drivers of transformation.

JD Health’s Otorhinolaryngology Intelligent Medical Service Center is the first national specialist medical center focusing on ENT health services that integrates online and offline. The center has set up departments of otology, rhinology, pharyngology, skull base, noise treatment, and head and neck surgery.

Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health believes that exploring a new model of medical and health services is quite important to the company. JD Health will continue to build a national-level Internet medical center for special diseases by connecting top medical resources and carrying out online and offline integrated diagnosis and treatment services and health management.

Another major function of the center is to promote the penetration of medical resources in lower-tier markets, an important responsibility of JD Health as an Internet medical body, which is highly focused on helping the poor to reduce expenditure on medical treatment and drug purchase, and to improve the accessibility of drugs and medical services.