May 18, 2020|

JD Logistics R&D Head: 5G Opens Door to New Era of Smart Supply Chain


by Ling Cao

On May 15th, Jianqiang Yu, head of R&D at JD Logistics, spoke about the importance of 5G in smart supply chain during Huawei’s summit on 5G. He said, “Combining JD’s technology capability with the industrial upgrade opportunity, JD will work with partners to accelerate 5G application in the logistics industry.”

Yu spoke about JD’s application of 5G in JD’s logistic parks. He emphasized that 5G-powered smart logistics is a multi-stakeholder effort involving operators, smart device manufactures such as Huawei, internet service providers, and those who can provide real application scenarios such as JD. JD Logistics was the only logistics service provider invited to attend the summit.

In 2019, the total value of social logistics goods in China reached RMB 298 trillion yuan, accounting for 14.7% of GDP and far exceeding that of developed countries such as Europe or the U.S. At the same time, high costs, low efficiency and low digitization are pain points in China’s supply chain development.

“Leveraging 5G for new innovative technologies will promote the development of the digital economy, helping us address these challenges,“ Yu shared. JD is a pioneer in the field of using 5G for smart transportation, warehousing and management.

JD has created a platform called LoMir, which is short for Logistics Mirror, which aims to build a smart logistics application system based on 5G, IoT and AI. The platform has cooperated with institutions, enterprises and research centers. Current partners include the likes of Huawei, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Tencent, and Baidu.

“5G is the backbone for innovation and transformation of logistics, while logistics is the best scenario in which to apply 5G.”