May 18, 2020|

Lei Xu: JD Health Can Make Good Use of the Existing Customer Base


by Tracy Yang

“Our health business can make good use of the existing customer base. also has very good consumer awareness. This mutual trust will continue from retail to the health industry.” said Lei Xu, CEO of JD Retail, last Friday at’s Q1 2020 earnings call.

As for the future development direction of JD Health, Lei Xu said that JD Health’s positioning is, based on supply chain and starting from medical services, to use science and technology to promote and help users with health management. Moreover, its capabilities in pharmaceutical supply chain and medical services will be further strengthened and improved.

JD Health’s rapid growth in the first quarter was a highlight, among which the growth rates of core businesses including pharmaceutical retail and Internet hospitals stand out. In the meantime, the number of Internet consultations increased dramatically during the epidemic.”

From late January to April 30th, JD Health’s free online consultation service has served a total of more than 11 million visitors. “The outbreak of the epidemic has provided an opportunity for rapid growth of our health business. Our young team and young business have assumed a lot of social responsibility in the fight against the coronavirus, ensuring the supply of epidemic prevention materials, providing online consulting, conducting live broadcasts and more,” said Lei Xu.

JD Health urgently launched a variety of products and services during the epidemic, providing not only services for online purchase of drugs and medical devices, but also online medical and psychological consultation, medical management and other services. The company also set up a special channel for the purchase of epidemic prevention supplies. At the same time, it also continues to develop its business to meet the needs of users and medical institutions, launching initiatives such as the “Hubei chronic patients withdrawal help registration platform” to help solve the problem of drug shortages.