Apr 23, 2020|

JD Mini Program Open Platform Seamlessly Connects WeChat

by Yuchuan Wang

On April 22nd, JD.com announced its own JD Mini Program Open Platform. Thanks to the company’s strategic partnership with Tencent, programs can be seamlessly adapted for the WeChat platform.

As one of the company’s strategic projects, the platform is open not only to brands and merchants on JD’s platforms, but also external partners from various industries, to develop independent mini programs across the various apps in JD’s ecosystem such as the JD.com and the JD Finance apps. It will also be introduced to the 7FRESH and JD Health apps.

Burger King will kick off its JD PLUS Member Center mini program in May, making the fast food giant the first partner in the catering industry to use JD’s mini program to distribute benefits to customers who may use the mini program to make purchases in the restaurants, with full connectivity to their JD account, membership, payment and credits. Additionally, JD’s 360 million active customers base offers big potential for Burger King.

JD.com announced its own JD Mini Program Open Platform.

JD Mini Program Open Platform uses JD’s complete chain of marketing, transaction, payment, membership and logistics to enable merchants to build their own scenarios. For example, home appliances companies can launch value-added services such as cleaning services to further extend their engagement with customers, facilitating sales conversion and user operations, with low R&D and maintenance costs.

Partners such as China Telecom, Mehood Hotel and ehi Car Services are also among the companies launching their own mini programs on JD to provide personalized services.

“Opening up technologies has become a trend for the industry,” said Paul Yan, Head of JD Retail Technology and Big Data. “JD Mini Program Open Platform empowers merchants with JD’s technology and services to help them comprehensively enhance the user experience.”