Aug 11, 2021|

JD News Roundup Vol. 16: JD Partners with Guerlain, Issues 500,00 E-CNY and More


JD News Roundup Vol. 16

(August 2 – August 8)


Welcome to volume 16 of our 2021 weekly digest. Here we consolidate a selection of JD news and give context on why it matters. If you have any questions or topics you are hoping we will explore, please email


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS increases stock by 3 times as China faces COVID-19 surge

JD is leveraging its nationwide supply chain advantages to secure the supply of daily necessities to consumers during the new outbreak of the Delta variant of COVID-19 in China, especially in the categories of food, beverage, disinfectant and baby products.

As of Aug. 4, the company has stocked 3 times the normal inventory of rice, flour and cooking oil, etc. JD says that its inventory in Nanjing and Zhengzhou, the medium- and high-risk areas of COVID, can guarantee at least 20 days of demand from local customers.

JD to offer jobs in 150 positions for fresh graduates in 2022

With JD’s rapid business development, the company’s demands for talent continue to increase. On Aug. 3 JD announced that it will provide 150 kinds of job positions for students graduating in 2022, with R&D positions accounting for 50% of the total pool, with new roles in multimodal recognition, distributed computation, quantum computing and more available for fresh graduates for the first time.

As of Mar. 31, the company had approximately 370,000 employees (including non-listed entities), increasing 11,000 comparing with the number by the end of Q1 in 2020.



Guerlain launches flagship store on

Guerlain, a French perfume, cosmetics and skincare house, launched a flagship store on on Aug 5th. Leveraging JD’s nationwide logistics network and technology, Guerlain will use JD’s premium JD luxury Express service to provide consumers with a highly-personalized and intimate shopping experience, and AR technology for make-up trial online.

The announcement follows the launch of a series of other luxury brands on JD, including BVLGARI, Berluti, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy under the umbrella of the world’s largest luxury conglomerate LVMH.

New data reveals rise in nighttime e-commerce shopping

China’s e-commerce platforms are witnessing a stampede of consumers rushing to place more orders from 8 to 11 pm, indicating a new shopping habit of the society, revealed by JD Big Data Research Institute.

According to JD’s big data, China’s online sales from 8 to 11pm, May 1 to July 1, had increased over 100% year-on-year. The main spike comes from the healthcare industry, in which there is a quintuple increase in medicine and a triple increase in fitness equipment. The waist machine, yoga resistance belt, and sit-up board are all among the highest selling products at night, suggesting that home work-outs are becoming the routine for many people, especially white-collar workers. Read more of what JD’s data reveals about nighttime shopping in China.



JDH Customers can receive nucleic acid test results in as fast as 2 hours

JD Health announced an upgrade of its nucleic acid testing services on August 3 by expanded cooperation with testing institutions, with results issued in as fast as 2 hours.

The service update follows a recent spike of COVID-19 cases in Nanjing and Zhangjiajie. JD’s users can simply type in the keywords “核酸检测” (nucleic acid test) to place an order.



JD and BOC issuing 500,000 E-CNY Worth 20 Million RMB and Bank of Communications (BCM) will issue 500,000 E-CNY (also called DC/EP, or Digital Currency/Electronic Payment) packages in Shanghai and Suzhou starting August 6. The packages are worth RMB 20 million yuan in total, with individual offerings of RMB 20 yuan red envelopes and RMB 20 yuan coupons.

Among enterprises, JD Technology was in the first group of technology companies to test the e-CNY in China with state owned banks and connected with online scenarios. It has already supported e-CNY’s multiple test runs in Suzhou, Beijing and Chengdu, gaining experience in operations and solutions, as well as offering new shopping scenarios for customers. Since December 11 last year to June 18, 2021, 450,000 customers have used e-CNY payment on the JD app, with total consumption sales over RMB 100 million yuan.