Sep 24, 2020|

JD’s Opinion: Key for MRO’s Digital Ecosystem


by Ling Cao

“JD MRO aims to upgrade industrial value,” said Deming Ding, general manager of JD MRO,’s B2B subsidiary for industrial MRO (manufacture, repair and operations-related) products and services, at the 22nd China international Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai last week.

“To do this, JD MRO will consistently provide enterprises with integrated smart procurement service and supply chain solution by concentrating on three aspects: standardization, intelligence and service,” Ding continued.

“Establishing standardization is the base for digitalization, and can guarantee service quality,” he said. “It will be needed from Industrial IoT, and will be tailored to clients’ needs. It’s an important goal to promote the industry’s standardization development.”

JD MRO has launched a merchandise pool to solve the industry’s pain points for non-standard product management, which leverages JD’s technologies in AI and big data, and experience from leading brands. JD has also launched a smart retail store solution for MRO, which helps to standardize and digitalize offline stores by using JD’s smart retailing experience. With JD’s help, offline MRO stores can enjoy services in upgrading their brand image, rebuilding the store, inserting smart store systems and more.

JD has also concentrated in making the tracing process intelligent. It has achieved a sourcing model that covers offline retailers, brands, third party merchants, as well as service providers. JD can help enterprise clients precisely match solutions in this way.

JD has also built an AI-powered system that can help enterprises to make decisions on procurement. For example, enterprises can use image recognition technology to automatically recognize product images, parameters and categories, and send alerts regarding illegal operation, with an accuracy rate of up to 95%.

Service is one of the challenges for MRO’s digitalization. Ding added, “For now, many MRO e-commerce platforms can only provide transaction services, while they cannot provide the related offline services.”

In order to deal with this problem, JD has launched Jing Gong Bang (京工帮, which literally means JD Industry Helper), a system that will provide the “last mile” services to help digitalize the MRO industry by connecting big companies with industry-leading service providers for manufacture-level omnichannel service solutions.