Jun 24, 2020|

JD News Roundup Vol. 5


Company updates

JD’s 618 Grand promotion demonstrates resilience of its consumers and showcases opportunity for international brands: As JD’s 618 Grand Promotion (held June 1-18) came to a close, JD.com announced that it had experienced transaction volume on the platform of over 269.2 billion, during the sales period, up more than 33.6% year on year. 618 was originally exclusively a celebration of JD’s birthday, but has since transformed into the largest mid-year shopping holiday, celebrated not only by other players in e-commerce but offline establishments as well. The key words for this year’s Grand Promotion are international brands, lower-tier cities and livestreaming. A more in-depth look at trends and highlights, including a detailed infographic here: https://jdcorporateblog.com/final-report-of-618-jds-in-depth-analysis-of-rmb-269-2-billion-the-face-value-and-whats-behind-it/

From left to right, JD 618 decorations, HKEX celebration ceremony, and JD’s 618 data screen

JD celebrated its 17th anniversary with a secondary listing on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the ticker, 9618.HK. To understand more about JD’s plans for the listing, check out the transcript from JD CEO Lei Xu’s exclusive conversation with Bloomberg: https://jdcorporateblog.com/jd-retail-ceo-lei-xus-interview-with-tom-mackenzie-of-bloomberg-at-jds-headquarters-in-beijing-on-june-15-2020/

On June 12th, at an event at JD’s headquarters, simultaneously broadcasted online, JD President of FMCG Omnichannel Carol Fung shared that even in post-COVID lockdown China, paper products are still surprisingly still in high demand. Fung mentioned that every year, the team identifies products in some categories and sets a sales target of RMB 20 million per day. One of those products is a bag of tissues that Fung’s team shipped over 500,000 boxes of on a single day. More highlights from Fung’s session here: https://jdcorporateblog.com/carol-fung-jd-fmcg-omnichannels-role-in-helping-customers-eat-drink-live-better/


COVID-19 related

The last few weeks have seen several COVID-19 cases emerging from an outbreak in Beijing’s Xinfadi wholesale produce market. In order to convenience employees who have to travel around and outside of Beijing, JD has set up designated nucleic acid testing stations for its employees in China’s capital. The move follows JD’s announcement that all of its delivery couriers, truck drivers and cold chain fresh food warehouse employees were undergoing free nucleic acid testing, and underscores the company’s commitment to keep its employees, and by extension customers and partners, safe while the virus still looms. Over 2,000 frontline employees have already completed the testing. JD is the first platform in China to offer online nucleic acid test booking services during COVID-19. Since early on in the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, JD Health has worked with several providers to make booking testing appointments easily available to people in at least 31 cities. The full story here: https://jdcorporateblog.com/jd-establishes-designated-nucleic-acid-testing-center-for-its-employees-in-beijing/


Business specific

JD has announced the first fully-integrated smart and flexible production logistics park in Asia. The warehouse in Tianjin’s Wuqing District, the warehouse is most suitable for fulfilling and managing orders spanning multiple categories at a large scale. In another first for Asia, earlier this month, JD also introduced the very first automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for bulky items in Asia’s e-commerce industry. The system located at the company’s highly-automated Asia No. 1 logistics park in Langfang, Hebei province is one of three new highly automated Asia No. 1 parks JD put into operation during this year’s 618 Grand Promotion. More on this here: https://jdcorporateblog.com/jd-opens-first-automated-storage-system-for-bulky-items-in-asias-e-commerce-industry/

JD’s AR shoes try-on feature has officially come online. As a next step, the company is currently working with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation to develop a function to use AR technology to measure foot size. The function to be released soon will leverage Sony’s ToF (Time-of-Flight) distance measurement technology so that customers can simply use their mobile phones (need to be equipped with a ToF camera) to measure their foot size by scanning the front and side angles of their feet. More on this story here: https://jdcorporateblog.com/jd-com-explores-ar-foot-measurement-tool-for-online-consumers/

JD is supporting the first ever digital London Fashion Week, which will be available free to fashion lovers around the world. JD invited Mr. Hu Bing, the ambassador of London Fashion Week, to have conversations through video interviews with brand partners A-COLDWALL*, Paul Smith and SMYTHSON to bring the latest British fashion insights and products to Chinese customers, and share the brands’ successful cooperation with JD.com. Earlier this year, JD announced its support of the “BFC Foundation Fashion Fund for the Covid Crisis” via its sponsorship of the BFC/GQ Designer Menswear Fund.

Last week’s 618 frenzy at JD in photos: https://jdcorporateblog.com/photo-gallery-this-week-at-jd-june-15-19/