May 31, 2019|

Mowi China and to Launch New Fresh Salmon Products in China

Mowi China will launch fresh salmon for the first time to mainland China on Leveraging both parties’ extensive consumer insights about the market, Mowi China has worked with China’s largest retailer to launch four brand new salmon offerings during JD’s June 18 anniversary sales festival period.

The products will come directly from Mowi China’s newly established factory in Shanghai – its first ever in mainland China. Chinese consumer demand for salmon has risen significantly in recent years. According to internal data, salmon sales on JD’s platform in 2018 increased by 100% over the previous year, with “salmon” being the most searched term within JD’s fish category. With the factory in Shanghai, Mowi China will offer fresh salmon products to for the first time.

Mowi China has worked closely with for this launch of new products in mainland China, benefitting from JD’s unparalleled data-driven insights into Chinese consumers to develop four new, fresh salmon offerings tailored to local tastes and consumption trends.

Working with JD, Mowi China identified evidence of demand for easy-to-cook products in China not being met. To capture this demand, Mowi China has introduced salmon with accompanying sauces (the first two of which are with Sichuan style spicy sauce and classic lemon butter sauce). Sauce paired products are primarily aimed at millennials in large cities who are too busy to cook or lack cooking skills.

Mowi China is also launching frozen salmon cubes aimed at families with young children based on JD’s insights that more families are buying salmon for their children. By removing the skin and bones, the product delivers the full health benefits of salmon, including high levels of omega-3 essential for healthy growth in infants, in a safe-to-eat format while saving precious time for busy parents.

The fourth new product introduced by Mowi China on is a premium fresh salmon portion farmed and delivered directly from one of Mowi’s overseas farming operations in Norway, Scotland, Chile, Faroe Island and Canada.  The salmon will arrive in China within 72 hours after it is harvested and be processed in Mowi China’s Shanghai factory. Mowi’s integrated value chain together with JD’s world-leading cold chain logistics network is key to providing guaranteed shelf life, freshness and quality for JD customers.

“As Chinese consumers have become busier and more health-conscious, they are welcoming high-quality seafood products that are delicious and quick to prepare,” said Emily Zhang, Commercial Manager of Mowi China. “As we open our first processing facility in mainland China to expand in the hugely promising mainland Chinese market, we are confident that JD’s deep understanding of Chinese consumers and unparalleled logistics network make them the perfect partner for us.”

“With our commitment to providing the freshest, highest quality products possible for our consumers, we are excited to further strengthen our partnership with Mowi China,” said Max Cao, General Manager of Seafood Procurement at “Busy and sophisticated JD shoppers will jump at the chance to purchase these delicious, tailor-made new offerings of top quality salmon, with quality and delivery assured by JD’s signature in-house logistics and cold chain network.”