Nov 30, 2020|

Top Gynecologist Joins JD Health’s TCM Center


by Hui Zhang

Ruifen Liu, a nationally renowned gynecologist in China, joined JD Health’s TCM center on November 27th to lead the gynecology clinic team.

As the vice chairman of the Gynecology Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Ruifen Liu, has rich clinical experience and scientific research achievements in the field of gynecology.

The TCM center, which was unveiled by JD Health on June 7th, has brought together a number of experts from TCM hospitals including Xuemin Shi, Runsan Xu, Guizhi Sun, and Baogui Chen. Consultation desks with experts covering nephropathy, respiration, andrology, oncology, endocrine, gynecology, cardio-cerebrovascular are available through the initiative.

“During the fight against COVID-19 at the beginning of this year, the extensive participation and remarkable results of TCM were obvious to all. The vigorous development of TCM has become a broad consensus in the health industry,” said Ximu Li, director of JD Health’s TCM Center.

“Our cooperation with Dr. Liu and the establishment of the JD Health TCM Center is another important attempt of JD Health in the field of “Internet + medical health” and the development and continued tradition of TCM.”