Mar 11, 2020|

Top Industry Magazine Highlights JD’s 5G Powered Logistics Park


by Ling Cao

JD was highlighted in March issue of Parcel and Postal Technology International, a London-based top-notch logistics magazine. The article focused how 5G can transform delivery providers into highly efficient IoT-connected businesses.

The article focused heavily on JD’s 5G-powered smart logistics park launched last October in Beijing – the first in China. It quotes Wenming Zhe, chief architect and head of logistics R&D Architecture at JD Logistics, “The large bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity provided by 5G makes communication between devices more efficient and stable.”

The article mentions, “Key to the park is the real-time monitoring system, which tracks the location and route of vehicles, such as forklifts, and pallets – and also detects any issues as they happen.”

It highlights smart docking as an example. “For example, when a truck arrives at the park, the gate system will identify the vehicle and clear it automatically. The smart scheduling system will then automatically assign the truck to the most appropriate dock, and the smart guidance system will direct the driver there. When the truck arrives at the dock, the digital dock system can intelligently identify the parking and departure movements of the vehicle, as well as conduct smart measurement,” Zhe explains in the article.

It also highlights JD’s efforts in leveraging 5G beyond the logistics park, quoting Zhe, “JD’s strategy is to use 5G across supply chain operations, including complete visibility across its fleet of vehicles.” It wrote. “We are exploring possibilities to leverage 5G for vehicle connectivity, drones, autonomous delivery robots, the coordination of large-scale equipment, smart transportation and smart hubs.”

As far as the broader benefits 5G can deliver, Zhe comments, “There are plenty of applications to which 5G, IoT, AI and other technologies can be applied, which will reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency in smart logistics parks, as well as enable smart transportation, smart distribution, smart hubs, and more, to create more value for the whole society.”

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