Mar 4, 2020|

WEF Highlights JD’s Efforts in Fighting COVID-19


by Ling Cao and Ella Kidron

JD was highlighted in an article published by the World Economic Forum’s Agenda blog on March 3rd focused on how Chinese companies are helping to solve mobility challenges during the outbreak.

It goes into detail about JD’s initial robot delivery in Wuhan in early February, highlighting that these robots can “help solve delivery issues and provide a ‘touchless’ system to help reduce the risk of virus spread.”

JD has spared no effort in fighting against COVID-19 in China.


“Chinese companies are stepping up to contribute to the response” to COIVID-19,” states an earlier article published on WEF’s Agenda blog. JD has spared no effort in fighting against COVID-19 in China.

The article highlights, “JD Logistics deployed autonomous ground robots for last-mile delivery of supplies in Wuhan hospitals.” JD’s robots are on the frontlines to provide contactless last mile delivery services.

WEF also highlights Chinese companies’ moves to address employment challenges during the period. “At the same time, to minimize the impact on unemployment, both Alibaba and launched a talent-sharing plan to hire short-term staff from temporarily affected sectors, including restaurants, bars and small shops that are closed by law or have simply shut due to lack of customers, for flexible job openings in e-commerce and supermarkets.”

WEF also mentions that companies like JD “have launched free online health consultation services”. Early on in the fight against the virus, JD Health launched a series of free consultation programs and is hosting livestreams to support people with medical and psychological queries related to the coronavirus, as well as other illness. This can help some people avoid going to the hospital to see doctors to manage needs that can be met online.

WEF highlights that companies like JD are “working to keep supply chains running”. While ensuring livelihoods, JD has helped transport over 6,000 tons of medical supplies and daily necessities to Hubei to date. From early on, JD has leveraged its capabilities from retail, logistics, technology, health and other areas to provide immediate support.

More information on the company’s fight against the virus is regularly updated and can be found here: