Jul 21, 2021|

JD Cloud Releases Industry’s First Hybrid Cloud Operation System


by Ling Cao

JD Cloud released a series of products during the JD Cloud Summit in Beijing on July 13th, including the industry’s first hybrid cloud operation system, which can achieve integrated management and allocation of digital infrastructure.

Additionally, JD Cloud released the first fully-opened PaaS ecosystem in the industry, aiming to create an “android system” in the cloud computing area. Thirty companies will join for the first phase. The summit, which was themed “Cloud synergy for win-win across industries,” gathered industry experts, brands and manufacturers.

During the summit, JD Cloud also announced the building of two green data centers in Langfang, Hebei province and Kunshan, Jiangsu province. The centers will feature energy recovery and distributed photovoltaic power generation systems, with a heat recovery rate of 30% and a clean energy adoption rate of 10%.

Bowen Zhou, chairman of JD Technology Committee said, “For years JD has operated as a real economy-based company, therefore promoting the wider real economy. JD Cloud was born from over 20 years of digital and intelligent supply chain experience accumulated by JD, and is built on the best industry know-how.”

“JD Cloud will strive to become the strongest industry cloud, greenest cloud, the most open cloud and the most value-added cloud,” Liqiang Gao, president of JD Cloud shared.