May 6, 2023| Recognized in FORTUNE China’s ESG Impact List for Second Consecutive Year


by Vivian Yang, a leading supply chain-based technology and service provider, has been recognized on the 2023 FORTUNE China ESG Impact List for its outstanding achievements in promoting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. The company’s inclusion in the 2023 list, released on May 5th, is a testament to its ongoing commitment to building green supply chains, supporting employee well-being, fighting against COVID-19, and other commendable efforts that contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth.

This year’s FORTUNE China ESG Impact List was compiled utilizing an extensive range of ESG data points and practices gathered from a comprehensive survey of participating companies. Despite intense competition and a more rigorous vetting process, has once again emerged as one of only 40 companies featured on this list.

“The 40 Chinese companies on the list have made significant efforts to improve the environment, protect employees, and support communities, collectively exploring a sustainable and inclusive path to growth,” noted FORTUNE China’s editorial team in releasing the new list.

De-carbonization efforts across its entire industry chain has made significant strides in promoting sustainable development through its green supply chain infrastructure and digital technology. The company’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions span the entire industry chain, from warehousing and transportation to cloud computing and workplace operations.

In 2022, JD Retail’s cross-category trade-in service for old items led to a 430% year-on-year increase in trade-ins and helped save more than 150,000 tons of carbon emissions. JD Logistics launched the industry’s first original packaging certification standard, DWOP, and aims to apply it to over 80% of packages for e-commerce products by 2030. Meanwhile, JD Cloud has reduced carbon emissions by over 6,000 tons through its use of clean energy for more than 35% of its data center operations.

JD Property has installed photovoltaic power generation systems in 23 intelligent logistics parks and aims to provide green energy for 85% of its intelligent industrial parks through the use of PV power. JD Industrials has introduced the “Carbon Energy Cloud” solution, which has already helped enterprises to reduce 11,800 tons of carbon emissions.

In JD’s offices, energy-saving measures such as improved lighting systems and air conditioning units have resulted in significant reductions in electricity and water usage. In 2022, the company saved over 10 million KWH of electricity and 70,000 tons of water in its headquarters alone.

carbon neutral logistics park |

Comprehensive efforts to support COVID-19 response

In 20222, acted quickly to ensure the delivery of essential goods to COVID-stricken cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, and other regions. The company mobilized tens of thousands of frontline employees across the country and went above and beyond to organize various transportation channels, including charter flights, all-cargo flights, sea shipping, and railway containers, to stabilize transportation capabilities and meet demands without price hikes.

In addition, JD Health provided telemedicine resources, connecting tens of thousands of doctors with people, and providing around-the-clock online consultation services while alleviating the pressure on offline hospitals.

In the first half of 2022 alone, contributed a total of RMB 2 billion in fighting COVID and waiving fees for merchants on its platform.

JD Health's Support to Shanghai: Online Consultations, Medicine Supplies, Livestream Sharing, Donations and More

Enhancing employees’ well-being has long been dedicated to providing high-quality employment opportunities. Over the past three years, the company has created 290,000 jobs, and its total workforce has reached over 550,000. The company pays social insurance and provident fund contributions and offers a variety of benefits and subsidies to its frontline employees. also supports its frontline workers in acquiring vocational skills certifications and academic advancement.

In addition, has made multiple supportive measures available for employees’ families. The company has set up dedicated funds to help employees in need afford a place to settle down or cover their children’s tuition, among other critical supports.  Recently, announced the construction of a complex near its headquarters in Beijing, offering nearly 4,000 fully furnished apartments for young employees to help alleviate their housing burdens.

In daily operations and internal audit processes, conducts regular assessments and reviews of potential human rights risks in operations. This includes, but is not limited to, forced labor, child labor, discrimination, equal pay, protection of women, and freedom of association. If any of these human rights issues occur, JD will handle them promptly and appropriately in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The  investigation process covers all employees, with particular attention to vulnerable groups such as women, children, and rural populations, and their potential human rights issues or labor risks.

Over the course of two decades, has grown and transformed from a modest 1-meter stall located in China’s iconic technology hub, Zhongguancun, into a successful corporation recognized on the Fortune 500 list. Throughout this journey, has remained committed to its belief that the primary objective for achieving commercial success is to generate societal value. This commitment is consistent with ESG principles and drives the company to make contributions towards creating a more environmentally friendly, healthier, and compassionate society.