May 12, 2021|

JD Highlights Service Consumption at China Brand Expo 2021


by Vivian Yang

JD Retail is participating in the fifth China Brand Exposition in Shanghai from May 10-12, featuring JD Life and Service businesses.

JD Life and Service business division focuses on providing O2O local life services within a 3-kilometer radius of people’s work and life, including car maintenance, real estate, travel, auction, fresh flowers delivery and other convenience services, with the goal to provide a “product + service” consumption model for more consumers.

JD Life and Service Booth at the China Brand Exposition 2021

“We aim to promote the development of high-quality service consumption by providing standardized and scalable local services under JD’s own brand,” said a JD representative on site at the Expo.

JD’s real estate service store also provides parcel deposit for customers

To date, the company has created self-operated services in car maintenance, real estate service, fast delivery of fresh flowers within 1-2 hours, travel booking and ticketing, and home cleaning service. The company “will continue to explore more product and service categories to enrich people’s experiences in a ‘JD-quality’ life,” said the representative.

JD’s home cleaning service was launched first in Beijing in April 2021

In addition to a strong brand awareness that signals trust and premier quality, the advantages of JD’s platform in supply chain, big data, technology and marketing also help its service business to reach customers at the right time and location with the most suitable products and services.

JD Auto launched its first self-operated JD Auto Service car maintenance store in March 2021

Under the theme of “Focusing on Dual Circulation, Leading New Consumption,” the China Brand Exposition 2021 is organized by the National Development and Reform Commission to promote the new achievements of China’s domestic brands and contribute to the growth of a massive domestic market.