Apr 21, 2020|

JD Logistics CEO on Chinese National TV: Behind JD’s Continuous Deliveries during COVID-19


by Ling Cao

During the epidemic, “people have come to realize the value of logistics is not just in delivering packages, but in providing an essential infrastructure to guarantee people’s livelihoods,” said Zhenhui Wang, CEO of JD Logistics during a live broadcast program hosted by Chinese National TV on April 20th.

Wang said, “Logistics couldn’t stop during the epidemic, even for a minute. We are delivering parcels, but more importantly, hope and warmth.”

In reflecting on the hard work of his team to consistently deliver daily necessities to customers and medical supplies to groups in need, as well as to help businesses to return to work, Wang said, “This Spring Festival is the most tense, busiest and most stressful Spring Festival I have ever experienced.”

As far as why JD is able to maintain efficiency and fast delivery speed during the tough time, Wang emphasized the importance of JD’s over a decade’s investment in building its own supply chain infrastructure and technology, which can respond flexibly to both daily needs and emergencies.

On one hand, Wang emphasized JD places the products close to customers, which can improve fulfillment efficiency. In one case, JD delivered 10,000 N95 masks to hospitals in Wuhan on January 28th in just four hours.

“On the other hand, JD will continuously invest in technology, and has leveraged its smart warehouses around the country, and applied innovative technologies such as 5G in its warehouses,” added Wang.

JD’s robots also quickly responded to the anti-virus fight, reinforcing its commitment to a technology-driven business.