Jul 15, 2022|

JDT Rolls Out Plans to Better Benefit Partners


by Doris Liu

“We will always hold an open and win-win attitude with the pursuit of long-term value, and work with each partner to ‘co-exist in the real economy and restart growth,’” said Peinuan Wang, Vice President of JD.com, at the first JD Technology (JDT) Partner Conference on July 12 in Beijing.

Traditional industries are confronted with issues of digital transformation and upgrading, which are key to the development of the real economy. To keep this in mind, JDT opens up the technical capabilities with 200 solutions to 12 vertical industries of retail, logistics, Internet, health, and agriculture, among others, satisfying the business partners’ different digital needs.

In order to be complementary in value for partners, the most crucial supply chain capabilities and ecosystem will be open, including a digitally intelligent supply chain open platform, open PaaS ecosystem Yun Zhu (云筑, meaning Cloud Building) plan 2.0 and four scenario platforms: industrial Internet platform, collaborative office platform, urban industrial service platform, and consumption promotion platform.

JDT shares the same philosophy on hybrid cloud and AI strategy with IBM, said Xuemei Pan, Technical General Manager of the technology department, IBM China. JD Cloud’s cloud platforms and technical R&D strength, combined with IBM’s overseas public cloud, enterprise storage services, intelligent operation and maintenance, iPaaS, SaaS, as well as IBM’s practices in serving global enterprises, will become a firm support to the digital transformation of Chinese enterprises, Pan added.

To further assist the development of business partners, the JDT PLUS Partner Select Program was released at the conference to provide an array of benefits to the member partners which are closely working with JDT.

JDT has established a unified ecosystem to divide partners into categories of market development, products and solutions, service delivery and distribution channels. Based on the partners’ business capability, scale and future cooperation mode and field, JDT will put them into different groups and provide corresponding rights and interests.

Here are some highlights of the JDT PLUS Partner Select Program:

1. JDT PLUS partners are given priority to participate in major business opportunities and projects, and can receive special support from JDT in products, solutions, sales and marketing, as well as the priority to join in JD’s essential marketing activities including co-branding.

2. JDT PLUS partners can enjoy all-round access and openness of JD’s resources and capabilities. JDT will open the most core supply chain capabilities, and connect partners with business resources such as JD Mall, JD Logistics and JD Health according to their needs.

3. JDT will prioritize JDT PLUS partners to jointly create products and develop niche markets.

Furthermore, a “10-billion Revenue Plan” was also announced on July 12, aiming to help partners earn more than RMB 10 billion yuan within two years through JDT’s sharing of technical capacities and business opportunities, with joint development of products and solutions, capital investment and so on.

After around 5 years of in-depth cooperation in urban digital economy, JDT’s business has been implemented in practice in over 80 cities with operation of over 70 industrial parks gathering some 5,000 companies.

To expand the market, JDT launched a “Doubling 100 Cities Initiative”, planning to bring in partners based on the existing in-depth cooperation with 100 cities, and together extend business in another 100 cities in the following three years.

The size of the digital economy is expected to exceed 60 trillion yuan by 2025, according to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). In the digital growth space, business partners of JDT will be more focused on scenario innovation, effects and benefits of integration of technology and the real economy. Thus, with the long-term focus in JD’s DNA, JDT will step forward hand in hand with partners to boost professions and industries with digital intelligence and achieve sustainable value creation.