Apr 30, 2020|

JD News Roundup Vol. 3 (April 18-30)


by Ella Kidron

Business updates

New platforms and consumption methods: JD announced its own JD Mini Program Open Platform on April 22nd. The project allows partners to create their own mini programs (app within in an app) on the JD app. Thanks to JD’s partnership with Tencent, the mini programs on JD can be seamlessly adapted for WeChat. Burger King is the first partner in the catering industry to use JD’s mini program platform, launching a special member center for JD PLUS premium members to reap a host of benefits. In a similar vein, JD’s use of social group commerce, a trendy new way to shop in China, in the first quarter of 2020 exceeded that of the entire year of 2019. How it works: Based on WeChat groups and mini programs, it enables participants to act as shopping guides to recommend products in a digital community. Get the full story.

JD’s mini program platform

JD’s mini program platform

New brands and partnerships: JD has welcomed a handful of new brands worth noting. In tribute to the great Italian designer Sergio Rossi, JD launched a flagship store on its platform. At the same time, NITORI, Japan’s largest home furnishing chain also opened its doors on JD, offering nearly 1,500 furniture products. JD’s omnichannel supermarket chain 7FRESH announced a partnership with Fujian province-based Fook convenience stores. 7FRESH will open its fresh food supply chain to Fook to help the local retailer expand its product offering while digitizing its operations. The move is part of 7FRESH’s broader mission to help partners strengthen their omnichannel businesses. JD has also formed a partnership with car fueling platform FLEETIN to introduce nearly 10,000 gas stations from over 1,500 cities and counties on JD. JD refuel through JD at offline gas stations and enjoy benefits. The partnership also helps offline gas stations attract more customers.

JD Cloud & AI in the spotlight: JD Cloud and AI has announced a strategic partnership with Cloudflare. Working with Cloudflare, JD will make it easier for companies who want to grow their business in China to securely deploy cloud-based services. In addition, through JD’s platform, customers in China will be able to fulfill their security and performance needs via Cloudflare’s leading suite of services both locally and anywhere across the world. Finally, the partnership will also enable Chinese companies to reach global audiences through Cloudflare’s international network, which is seamlessly controlled from within the JD Cloud dashboard. JD Cloud and AI is also partnering with SAIC Volkswagen on a series of Internet of Vehicles (IoV) initiatives. In 2020, the Passat and other models will include smart home service powered by JD’s IoT platform, JD Whale.

COVID-19 support

Global supply of anti-pandemic goods: JD has been supplying medical supplies and daily necessities to overseas customers in 105 countries and regions since January this year via Joybuy.com, the outbound e-commerce platform of JD.com. Even though the COVID-19 outbreak has reduced the number of international cargo flights by 90 percent, JD has managed to ensure cross-border transportation by rail, sea and transfer flight. JD’s enterprise procurement platform JD Business has also helped more than 10 Fortune 500 multinational enterprises procure anti-pandemic supplies for their global teams through their China branches. JD helps match the needs of each company with manufacturers who can meet them, demonstrating the depth and breadth of JD’s supply chain capabilities.

JD Chairman and CEO Richard Liu and JD.com donate overseas: On April 28th, Richard Liu, JD.com Chairman and CEO announced to donate medical supplies to Switzerland, including 800,000 KN95 protective masks and 800,000 disposable medical masks, 800,000 surgical gloves, 20,000 pairs of goggles, and 10,000 protective gowns to support the fight against COVID-19. Richard and JD.com have donated a massive quantity of medical supplies overseas to countries including the UK, Uzbekistan and Chile. The donations leverage JD’s supply chain capabilities to source from domestic manufacturers in China, helping them to gradually resume normal operations. Get the full story.

Richard Liu and JD.com donate emergency supplies to Switzerland

Richard Liu and JD.com donate emergency supplies to Switzerland

Continued recovery of Wuhan: JD’s highly automated Asia No. 1 logistics park in Wuhan has seen robust growth in the number of orders with the resumption of transportation in and around Hubei province during the lockdown. Almost 1,400 tons of fresh products from Hubei were sold on JD.com within just one week, among which oranges, crawfish and lotus root are the top three best-sellers. During the sales event, sales of crawfish increased by 500% as compared with the period prior to the lifting of the lockdown in Hubei province on April 7th.

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