Oct 16, 2020|

JD News Roundup Vol. 10


by Ella Kidron


With Singles Day around the corner, JD has started to announce plans for the festival. This year, it will last nearly one month, and will consist of four key sales periods: pre-sales from October 21st to 31st, special sales from November 1st to 8th, peak sales from November 9th to 11th, and ongoing sales from November 12th to 13th. To guarantee that customers enjoy a good shopping experience during peak session, JD will introduce measures such as 15-day price protection, strict detection of artificial price reductions and refunds for delivery delays.

JD also unveiled a suite of supportive measures for partners including brands and merchants on its e-commerce platform to achieve over two-time year-on-year growth in transaction volume during the upcoming Singles Day shopping festival. Furthermore, JD Logistics will upgrade its merchant support measures in order to ensure seamless delivery to customers throughout the sales period. Some of the highlights of JD Logistics’ operational upgrades for Singles Day include intelligent warehouse management, over 95% stock forecast accuracy and more.


JD becomes first in e-commerce industry to apply creditability to third party store evaluation: Ahead of the annual Singles’ Day promotion, JD has updated its standards for third party store performance evaluation. In an effort to urge merchants to keep improving product offerings and services. To facilitate timely improvement, JD also provides an online performance monitoring system to provide early and real-time warnings to merchants at risk.

JD promotes 20 C2M products: This week JD announced a plan to channel key promotion resources towards 20 top home appliances developed through the company’s consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) initiative. The highlighted products, which include 10 new products and 10 hot-selling products, span 11 categories such as refrigerators, TVs, water heaters and air conditioners— with 14 leading brands including Midea, Sony, Haier, Hisense and more. C2M has become a major focus of JD’s new products’ strategy this year, and this group of products adds to a list of over 150 C2M home appliances products unveiled on JD this year.

JD’s drones complete trial delivery in Japan’s mountainous region: Rakuten, Inc., a global leader in internet services, has completed a successful demonstration of delivering supplies via drone flight beyond visual range. The drone and technology were provided by JD.com, China’s largest retailer. This marks the first time in Japan that a drone was used to deliver supplies in a mountainous region where the difference in altitude between takeoff and landing locations reached approximately 1600m.

JD Healh welcomed Dr. Xuemin Shi, one of China’s most well-known acupuncture masters as the head of its new acupuncture center which is part of the company’s suite of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services. Dr. Shi and his team will cooperate with JD Health on multiple fronts including telemedicine, academic research, cross-cultural communications and more, jointly exploring how to enhance the development of TCM and let more people benefit from TCM treatment under the “internet + healthcare” model.

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